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Our Bedwas site has a 14,000m2 footprint and houses long and short length CNC machines with machining capabilities of up to 12,000mm in length. We can also offer bending, welding, punching, recut services, assembly, kitting and others.  All our aluminium is produced in the UK where we endeavour to control our quality, service and lead times to deliver you the best results. From your initial concept our dedicated team can facilitate all your requirements, from initial design support, across all processes to a finished product. We are in control of our quality standards and excellence, helping us to maintain our position at the vanguard of aluminium technologies.

Our capabilities at Bedwas include forming and bending, machining and welding and we can support our customers across a broad range of industries. We work closely with customers to develop products which will enhance your design whilst saving energy with our fabrication and additional services. 

Bedwas automotive sector

At Bedwas, a large majority of our work is for the automotive sector. Our formed and machined aluminium extrusions can be found in many of today's models to produce products such as; bumper armatures, bumper beams, chassis, chassis components, sunroofs, Window assemblies (A, B, C & D posts, division channels, roof racks, sports carriers, door frames, window frames, sun surrounds, crush cans, floor pans, steering column supports.

We provide component part and sub-assemblies made from aluminium extrusion and help our customers to benefit from sustainable solutions by replacing conventional parts with redesigned aluminium profiles.

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