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Cheltenham based in the South West of the UK is one of our primary extrusion plants with two presses and an extensive list of surface finishing capabilities.

Anodising is a process in which the outer surface of an aluminium product is converted into Alumina, a ceramic with unique properties. Anodising acts as a base for further surface treatments to develop onto to help create the desired finish product including protective and performance properties as well as aesthetic features such as colour.

Cheltenham anodising capabilities

Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd promise that all products supplied and anodised to 25 micron standard shall be free from unacceptable and excessive amounts of peeling, fading, staining and decolourisation for a period of 25 years, subject to terms & conditions.

All anodising/surface treatment production will be inspected to BS3987:1991 or Qualanod standards. Hydro also supplies all customers with an in-depth guide and recommendations for maintenance of anodised products to reduce risk of any negative effects.

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