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Some benefits of friction stir welding

  • A simple process that provides completely pore-free, leak-free, dense joints with high strength
  • Minimal heat impact on the material. Only small thermal stresses in the goods and flat surfaces
  • Good mechanical properties. Production has few, easily controllable variables that allow for tight tolerances
  • Extremely good repeatability and perfect for automation

Friction stir welding is a method that enables welding of components with high demands on compressive strength and tightness. The method makes it possible to produce wide panels, such as roofs or sides of trains, which are difficult or impossible to extrude. The technology is also superior in terms of getting leak-free joints when sealing different kinds of aluminium compartments, such as liquid heat sinks.

The workpieces are joined in a solid state. With FSW, a rotating tool creates pressure and frictional heat on the joint surfaces so that the metal mixes and forms a joint of the best quality. The temperature of the goods closest to the joint goes to a maximum of 500 ° C for fractions of a second, after which it cools rapidly. The low temperature means that the melting point is not exceeded, as opposed to conventional fusion welding.

FSW also improves the working environment, compared with traditional forms of welding, as welding glare, smoke and ozone formation are completely eliminated. Steel brushing, grinding and intermediate string cleaning are not required.

The FSW method has been shown to give joints with high strength values without inclusions or contaminants. Tensile tests have shown that the welds are almost completely stress-free. Det Norske Veritas has approved the FSW process for demanding solutions in train and marine applications.

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