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Renewable energy is the foundation for everything we do. We have been harvesting it for more than a century, putting it to good use in materials that provide solutions to climate change, electrification, and urbanization. 

Today, we are on a mission to pioneer the green transition for aluminium. Based on hydropower, solar and wind power, we produce aluminium with a carbon footprint of about 75 percent less than the global average. 

In Norway, Hydro’s primary aluminium production capacity is 100 percent supplied with renewable power. Worldwide, our renewable power share is above 70 percent, making a significant impact in terms of carbon emissions reduction. 

The green transition will not be possible without more renewable energy at an affordable price. We are stepping up the game, developing more renewable power for industrial activities in our core markets.  

Green hydrogen and batteries are also vital to get to net-zero. Hydro has produced the world’s first successful batch of aluminium using green hydrogen as an energy source. We continue to mature new pilot projects aimed at decarbonizing our operations and producing close to carbon free aluminium 

Since 2017, Hydro has actively engaged in selected ventures within the battery value chain. Our aim is to develop leading sustainable battery businesses in Europe, leveraging our capabilities. 

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