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Hydro Extrusion Poland Łodz

Lodz RRT plant

By producing aluminum roof rails and decorative strips for the automotive industry, we focus on the automation of our processes and the highest level of safety culture and development of our employees.

The dynamics of development, innovation and strategic thinking allowed us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our plant in Łódź in May 2019.

Our goals are clearly defined - sustainable development for us, our customers and employees. It is possible based on our values: care, courage and cooperation.

Por que usar alumínio em carros?

  • O alumínio é leve, forte e tem excelentes propriedades de absorção de energia
  • A escolha do alumínio significa carros mais leves, com menor consumo de combustível e menos emissões
  • O alumínio torna os carros mais seguros, viabiliza o design para desmontagem e é 100% reciclável


Hydro Extrusion Poland sp. z o.o

Ul.Graniczna 64/66

93-428 Łódź


+48 42 683 63 03
+48 728 431 101