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Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer in Illinois

As North America’s leading aluminum extrusions manufacturer, Hydro Extrusion offers advanced solutions for customers in Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, Rockford, Champaign and throughout Illinois, with a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Hydro's products include the industry’s most complete line of standard and custom shapes (solid, semi-hollow and hollows). Our standard and specialty rod and bar products, including ACC-U-ROD®, ACC-U-HEX, ACC-U-BAR®, ACC-U-PLATE®, and Jumbo Rod are favored by premium machinists around the world for their superior machinability and consistent ultra-tight tolerance.

Hydro customers have access to unprecedented resources, product range and technical competencies across our North American network of 23 extrusion and fabrication facilities and 65 extrusion presses. Our facilities in the Midwest region include:

  • Elkhart, Connersville and North Liberty, Indiana, are equipped with a wide range of extrusion presses - 1,675 ton (7"), 2,000 ton (9"), 3,600 ton (10"), 3,600 ton (12") and 6,000 ton (14", 16”). The plant is capable of supplying all shapes, alloys and tempers, ranging in size from one millimeter to several feet long. Hydro North Liberty has extensive expertise in 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063 and 6105 alloys, and specializes in complicated hollow configurations and knurling for non-skid floor systems.
  • Hydro´s plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan is a fully-integrated aluminum extrusion and fabrication facility with leading-edge equipment and a highly experienced team. From collaborating on product design to delivering ready-to-assemble finished components, Kalamazoo can help you produce better products and improve your bottom line.
  • In Ohio, Hydro Sidney offers advanced fabrication and contract manufacturing services and state-of-the-art machining. Specialties include engineering assistance for product design, and semi and fully automated fabrication and assembly of complex sub-assemblies for transportation applications, dedicated work cells and production lines.

Custom Extrusion, Fabrication and Finishing

Aluminum’s flexibility as a material and the fabrication and finishing options available in Hydro's North American facilities make it possible to create virtually any custom design, shape or size of profile for use in our customers’ most challenging projects.

While aluminum alloys are lightweight, very strong, extremely malleable, naturally corrosion resistant, and have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, customers often choose further surface treatments after extrusion to enhance the corrosion resistance or hardness, increase or mask the metal’s reflectivity, or add color or texture for aesthetic reasons.

Hydro's capabilities include these and many more options:

  • Mechanical
    Grinding, polishing and tumbling improve surface quality and are often done before painting or anodizing. Bending, stretch forming, cutting, punching, drilling, mitering and precision CNC machining transform the extruded profile to fit a customer’s specific need. Hydro's facilities also have extensive experience in joining technologies, including aluminum MIG welding, TIG welding, and Friction Stir welding (FSW), and can satisfy your most challenging requirements.
  • Anodizing
    Anodizing is an electrochemical process which converts the surface of the metal into a long-lasting, high performance aluminum oxide finish. Because it is integrated into the metal rather than just applied to the surface, it cannot peel or chip. This protective finish makes is very hard and durable, and enhances its resistance to corrosion. Depending on the process, the anodized finish is the second hardest substance known to man, exceeded only by the diamond. This can be crucial in industries such as automotive, construction applications such as elevator doors and escalators, and even home cookware.
  • Powder Coating
    Powder coat paint is a free-flowing ‘dry’ powder coating which is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin". Powder coating enhances the metal's ability to resist corrosion and damage from environmental elements. Powder coated finishes are often guaranteed to last for 15 to 20 years before beginning to fade.

With 50 years of experience as an aluminum extrusions manufacturer, Hydro Extrusion can meet the needs of customers in Illinois and across North America in the electronics, IT, automotive, mass transit, marine, bridge decking, telecommunications, solar/renewable energy industries, and nearly every other consumer and industrial market.