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Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer in Michigan

With unsurpassed experience in high quality extrusion profiles, Hydro Extrusion offers state-of-the-art solutions for your most complex design problems. If you need an aluminum extrusions manufacturer in Michigan, our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facility caters to a broad customer base including automotive, construction, office furniture, transportation and solar/renewable energy.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Few metals are stronger, more durable or more useful than aluminum. For good reason, more aluminum is produced each year than all other non-ferrous metals combined. It has the ability to be machined, formed and shaped, is second only to copper in conductivity, conducts heat well, is non-sparking so it can be used near flammable substances, resists corrosion and rust, and is non-magnetic.

It’s also non-toxic, making it an ideal packaging material for foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products.

Aluminum extrusion profiles are integral to the construction, electronics and manufacturing industries. Lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant parts are required for glass work, windows and doors, heat sinks, mechanical parts, framing and for the components used in a broad variety of engines, electronic motors and industrial equipment and robotics. You will find extruded profiles in every imaginable industry.

  • The construction and building industries use extrusion profiles in architectural framing, door and window frames, shop fronts, exterior siding and roofing cladding. 
  • The transportation and automotive industries use extruded shapes extensively for railway cars, automobiles, marine applications and transportation products. The efficient transfer of heat makes aluminum a favorite for use in condenser tubes, radiators and air conditioners, as well as panels, cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission houses, and chassis. 
  • There are a myriad of other commercial, consumer, and public uses, including vending machines, circuit boards, sports equipment, such as fishing poles, bicycles and tennis racquets, food and pharmaceutical packaging, light bulbs and more.

Our plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan is a fully-integrated facility with leading-edge equipment and a skilled workforce. From collaborating on product design to delivering ready-to-assemble finished components, we can help you produce better products and improve your bottom line.

Hydro offers the industry’s most complete line of standard and custom shapes (solid, semi-hollow and hollows). Our standard and specialty rod and bar products, including ACC-U-ROD®, ACC-U-HEX, ACC-U-BAR®, ACC-U-PLATE®, and Jumbo Rod are favored by premium machinists around the world for their superior machinability and consistent ultra-tight tolerance.

Hydro Extrusions has complete facilities for:

  • Manufacturing
    Cast billet, die design & manufacture and extrusion
  • Fabrication
    From cutting, forming, machining and joining to assembly and special packaging
  • Finishing
    Painting, anodizing, environmentally friendly special coatings and high speed vertical powder coating line

In Kalamazoo, we can provide complete capabilities in CNC machining, CNC rotary and stretch bending, TIG/MIG & robotic welding, precision cutting, punching, and compound mitering. We can also offer cost savings and shorter product cycle times with additional value-added services that provide for a complete turn-key product.

When you are seeking an aluminum extrusions manufacturer in Michigan, contact our team of metallurgists and engineering, manufacturing and design experts to discuss the services you need to go from idea to finished product. As the world’s largest soft alloy aluminum extruder, Hydro can meet the requirements of any type of application.