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Aluminum Structural Extrusions

Hydro Extrusion is the North American leader in common alloy extruded aluminum products and offers an unparalleled variety of product choices to meet the needs of our customers’ most complex project specifications.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

With 23 locations and 65 extrusion presses across North America, we offer the industry’s broadest capabilities in press sizes and tonnages (direct and indirect extrusion), alloy selection, circle sizes, profile types and “green” billet. If your project requires aluminum structural extrusions or any other extruded shape or stock, our talented team will work with you to provide effective solutions.

Our ACCU-LINE™ family of products is highly sought after by elite machine shops everywhere for its superior machinability and for its consistent ultra-tight tolerance which exceeds Aluminum Association standards. Hydro Extrusion's structural and framing stock makes it possible to achieve an attractive appearance while giving the design superior physical and mechanical properties such as low weight and high strength.

Thanks to their versatility, T-slots, angles and tracks, along with connecting fasteners and brackets, provide a cost-effective way to create an aluminum frame of any kind that can be used to attach panels, wire mesh, screens, etc. The design possibilities are endless, assembly is quick and easy, and extrusion framing offers significant savings compared to welded structures.

Aluminum T-slot profiles can accommodate nearly any load and are ideal for the manufacturing, retail, automotive, and medical industries, and many more. Common applications for extruded structural profiles include office workstations, fixtures and panels, machine bases and enclosures, industrial racking, store fixtures, safety guards, stairs, platforms and material handling carts. They are a versatile solution for creating safe, comfortable and attractive workplace environments, and can easily be removed and reassembled elsewhere.

Extruded framing components can be cut to specified lengths (including miter cuts), and fastened with a wide variety of brackets, bolts, angles, corners and end caps. Counter-weighted doors can be mounted on tracks. Panels, tables and conveyor sections and custom accessories can be added as required.

Another advantage of using aluminum framing components instead of steel is that aluminum needs no finishing, but can be painted, powder-coated or anodized if desired.

Hydro Extrusion offers a comprehensive selection of aluminum structural extrusions, including architectural and structural angles, C-channels, U-channels, tees, zees, I-beams and H-beams, in addition to standard and custom rod, bar, and pipe. Our products deliver a consistent and dependable uniformity unsurpassed by any other extruded products in the market.

We offer a variety of surface finishes, and complete capabilities in CNC machining, precision cutting, punching, bending, forming, deburring, beveling/chamfering and welding. Hydro Extrusion's ACC-U-LINE™ and ACC-U-BAR® products are available from Hydro Extrusion and its Premier® Distributor Partners.