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Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Texas

Hydro Extrusion's custom aluminum extrusions for Texas offer expert solutions for your extrusion design needs in the building and construction, transportation and solar/renewable energy industries as well as for industrial and consumer markets. Whether you need a precision cut stock item or a custom extrusion with 5-axis machining, we can help you reduce time-to-market and lower costs.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Choose from a complete range of structural angles, channels, tees, zees, H-beams and I-beams, in standard and custom shapes up to 22.5” circle size, as well as a complete range of seamless and structural aluminum pipe and tube. Hydro's expansive resources ensure success for every imaginable application.

Our skilled team of metallurgists and application engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists will design a sophisticated production sequence strategy to align with your business priorities. We have the ability to modify cutting and machining tools to maximize accuracy and dramatically reduce production time. From world-class anodized to powder paint finishes, and extensive fabrication and assembly services, we have all of the options you need to complete your custom shape.

How Extrusion Works

Extrusion is one of the most widely used processes for forming aluminum. First, a metal die is designed to precisely match the profile of a shape required for a specific application. An aluminum billet is heated to soften it and then pushed, or “extruded”, with a hydraulic press or ram through the die, exiting the container in the desired profile.

The process is very much like the way a pasta maker presses dough through a die to create tubular-shaped pastas like macaroni and penne. The continuous length of the pasta dough takes the shape of the die, exactly like an aluminum extrusion.

Inserts can be added to the die to form voids, hollows, ribs, channels, grooves, and other openings. The result is am extruded part that features all of the characteristics of wrought metal in the shape you need for your project. The more intricate the shape, the slower the metal has to be pushed and the more time it takes to make a die.

Design Considerations for Custom Extrusions

Extrudability can be simplified with uniform internal and external wall thickness design. This reduces die stress but is particularly important if the part is to be anodized. Large variations in wall thickness may cause profiles to cool unevenly and result in a structural unevenness that may be noticeable only after the part has been anodized.

Corner design is another important consideration. Razor sharp corners cannot be achieved with extrusions, so rounded corners are more practical. The same applies to sharp tips which can become wavy and uneven. Designs that require sharp internal angles can be conquered by incorporating a small cutout in the shape.

We operate 23 facilities and 65 extrusion presses across North America, and offer the industry’s broadest product capabilities in press sizes and tonnages (direct and indirect extrusion), alloy selection, circle sizes, profile types and “green” billet. Our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and feature in-house custom die-making facilities. Other in-house facilities for melting, casting and metal treatment guarantee billet availability and expedite delivery of specialty products.

Hydro Extrusion is the leading North American supplier of common alloy extrusions and part of the world’s largest extruded aluminum profile company.

When you need custom aluminum extrusions in Texas, consider our unprecedented resources, product range and technical competencies that are certain to meet your most challenging demands.