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Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Florida

Hydro Extrusion offers unprecedented resources in the industry, as well as the product range and technical expertise to provide the most complete line of custom aluminum extrusions in Florida, including standard and custom shapes (solid, semi-hollow and hollows), seamless and structural pipe and tube, standard high fin and thin fin heat sinks, and more.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Our St. Augustine, Florida facility is a fully-integrated aluminum extrusion and fabrication facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced workforce which provides advanced extrusion and contract manufacturing services. The on-site casthouse assures a reliable source of aluminum and provides easier access to customized alloys.

This facility is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and offers special capabilities such as engineering assistance for product design, spiral extrusions, extensive CNC machining, long-bed vertical mills, two DCC-CMM's/Vision with engineering interface capability, surface profiling and color analysis indexing. The St. Augustine facility also offers 6063 drawn tubing.

About Drawn Tubing

Drawn tube is extruded tube that has been cold drawn through a die to bring it to its final size. Compared to an extruded product of the same size and alloy, the advantages of drawn tubing are:

  • Exceptional dimensional control
  • Closer size tolerances
  • Thinner wall thicknesses 
  • Increased strength
  • Enhanced bending, flaring and formability of tubing (precise bends can be obtained)
  • Superior surface finish; the drawing process produces a bright finish without die or weld lines

Some of the uses for drawn tubing include automotive products, refrigeration lines, HVAC, heat transfer, fluid lines, outdoor sporting goods, furniture, lawn and garden, electronics, lighting, conveyors, and healthcare products.

Choosing Alloys

Choosing the appropriate alloy for your product is a critical step. Some alloys extrude at a faster rate, some are easier to bend, and some are more easily machined than others. We extrude 3003 alloy and others, but the majority of our alloys are within the 6000 series. We also have unprecedented resources and the ability to create custom alloys for customers.

3003 Alloy:
This is one of the non-heat treatable manganese alloys. It features good corrosion resistance, workability and weldability. It has excellent resistance to chemical attack and is commonly used for heat exchangers and condensers involving chemicals.

6061 Alloy:
This magnesium and silicon alloy is the best choice when welding or brazing is required. It has structural strength and toughness, good corrosion resistance and good machining characteristics. Its appearance following anodizing is excellent. 6061 is used extensively as a construction material, most commonly in the manufacture of marine and automotive components.

6063 Alloy:
This popular magnesium and silicon alloy is in the heat treatable category. It has a finer grain structure than 6061 and will provide the best cosmetic appearance after anodizing. It is highly corrosion resistance with good workability and weldability. Common uses include cylinder tubing, electrical bus conductor, and architectural applications.

Our team of experts will assist you in determining the correct alloy for your product. We also provide advanced facilities for painting (including our high speed vertical powder coating line), anodizing and special coatings. Our complete fabricating services include precision cutting to semi-finished and fully finished parts and assemblies that meet AAMA Specifications and CSI Codes.

As North America’s leading supplier of extrusion profiles, Hydro Extrusion offers a product for virtually any type of application. When you need custom aluminum extrusions in Florida or elsewhere in the Southeastern United States, contact us to find out why we are a key supplier for virtually every industry.