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The unique characteristics of aluminum extrusion profiles make them useful in thousands of applications, such as in architectural components, framing applications, food processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, building construction, robotics, transportation (autos, railways and marine), and more.

Tubing is a widely used aluminum profile shape, and is available in square, rectangular and round shapes in a range of sizes based on the outside dimensions. The alloy that is selected, the size of the tube and the thickness of its walls determine its strength. Our specialists can assist you with aluminum tube solutions for all of your unique applications.

  • Square tubes
    Square tubes have defined square corners on both the inside and outside radii. They are ideally suited to structural uses where lightweight material is needed, such as frames, racks and shelves. Tubing wall sizes range from 1/8 inch for smaller tubes to ½ inch for larger ones. Our square tubing is typically made from 6061 and 6063 alloy. 6063 is the lower-strength choice among the two available alloys, but can accommodate a thinner wall design and offers better corrosion resistance and superior finishing qualities than 6061 alloy tubes.
  • Round tubes
    Round tubes are used extensively as automotive, aircraft and marine components. The outer diameters of round tubes range from 5/8 inch to 16 inches with wall thicknesses of 1/16 inch to 1 inch. They can be produced in several different alloys, each with specific beneficial properties. 6061-T6 is most common because it offers good overall structural strength and toughness, nice surface finish, good corrosion resistance to atmosphere and sea water, as well as excellent machinability, weldability and joinability. 
  • Rectangular tubes
    Rectangular tubes have square defined corners on the inside and outside radii. They generally range in size from 1/2 inch to 8 inches per side with a wall thickness of 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. 6061 alloy tubing is widely used for all types of projects where lightweight and corrosion resistance is a primary concern. 6063 alloy tubing is easily welded, cut and machined, and makes an attractive exposed component in architectural trim, door and window frames, furniture components and trim, safety and deck structures, athletic equipment, fencing and support columns.

Hydro Extrusion offers unprecedented resources in the industry, as well as a product range and technical competencies that enable us to provide the most comprehensive line of extrusion products, including standard and custom shapes (solid, semi-hollow and hollows), seamless and structural pipe and tube, standard high fin and thin fin heat sinks, and more.

Our ability to produce a wide variety of alloys and tempers, combined with our strict adherence to tolerances, has made us a key supplier of aluminum tube stock in virtually every industry.

We’re eager to show you why we should also be your key supplier.