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The high purity aluminium that we produce at Barcarena supplies demanding markets in and outside Brazil.


Albras is the largest producer of primary aluminium in Brazil, and has been feeding domestic and external markets with high purity ingots since 1985. Hydro is the company's main shareholder, with 51% of the shares in this joint venture. The other shareholder is NAAC - Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co. Ltd., formed by a consortium of Japanese companies, trading companies, consumers and manufacturers of aluminium products.

Recognized as one of the three largest companies in the
metallurgy and steel industry for two consecutive years at
"Empresas Mais" ranking of the newspaper "O Estado de São Paulo",
Albras is proud of its excellent organizational climate,
social responsability, environmental management and
retention of talents.

How aluminium is produced

Re-melted ingot

Foundry alloys

In addition to the liquid metal and aluminum ingots in P1020 alloy, Albras has recently started production of PFA, P0610, P1015 and bus bars ingots.

The Primary Foundry Alloy (PFA) is a product created especially for the automotive industry and developed from the primary metal P0610, with the addition of four elements: silicon, magnesium, strontium and titanium. The P0610 and P1015 have greater purity, ideal to serve customers seeking innovative solutions.


Rodovia Pa-483, Km 21 - CEP 68445-000

Distrito de Murucupi - Barcarena - PA
+55 91 3754 6000

Did you know?

  • Hydro shareholding: 51%
  • Start-up of production: 1985
  • Production capacity: 460,000 metric tons/year



ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standard)
ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard)
OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard)