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Aluminium component for hybrid engines

Size is important, particularly when it comes to car engine manifolds. Hydro is manufacturing the world’s smallest manifold, an exclusive and innovative part for BMW's plug-in hybrid electric vehicle program.

“For such a small-diameter, slotted and assembled manifold, we really put our processes and people to the test,” says Hydro's Andreas Martin. “Similar systems are bigger and much more complicated. With this engineered solution we are able to fulfill customer requirements.”

Ultra-small aluminium manifold

Having an ultra-small aluminium manifold means more space, and space is at a premium for hybrid electric vehicles, which require large batteries. This leaves less room for the cooling and heating systems.

Small diameter, low volume – high quality

In addition, the small diameter and low volume of the high-quality aluminium component reduce the requirements for lubricant and refrigerant. And the part is extremely clean, which it needs to be. Otherwise, particles will go into the cooling system and damage the subsystems.

A key advantage with aluminium is its thermal transfer: aluminium has an important cooling effect on the battery. Temperatures that are too high or too low age the battery and affect its performance and power.

Hydro's welded tubes plant in Germany is delivering the ultra-small aluminium manifold to Hanon Systems for BMW, a Hanon Systems client.

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