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Hydro's internship program welcomes 60 bright students for 8 weeks of challenging, real-world tasks

With another year comes another great group of eager interns ready to take on some of Hydro’s biggest challenges. From tackling inclusive language to analyzing emissions or gathering market data, this year’s interns are ready to tackle real-world tasks that make a difference.

Out of 1000+ applicants, these 60 interns represent a number of studies, nationalities and interests, but all show promise in their field of study and have a passion for Hydro’s goal of tackling global challenges in the way we produce and consume.

The internship will last about 8 weeks for most students and will include an internship project where the interns work in teams to solve a real challenge facing Hydro’s newer hydrogen business area, developing leadership and teamwork skills while learning about the challenges that face a company like Hydro today.

On top of this project and their individual tasks, they will have several social opportunities to network with both the Hydro employees and their fellow interns and get to learn more about the business areas within Hydro outside of their own departments.

Meet some of our Hydro interns!

Erik Jensen, from Germany, studies Applied Economics at BI Norwegian Business School and is working within Corporate Development.

“I am currently analyzing different scopes of emissions to understand how to reach the goal of net zero. I am really interested in working within energy, and it just seemed Norway must be the best place to go see the energy market really explode and be a part of it. I have had such a great experience throughout the whole process of interviewing and then starting as an intern at Hydro so far – they really set high expectations and then met them!”

Kyla Basden, from the Bahamas, studies business with a focus on leadership and change at BI Norwegian Business School and is working with Group HR on diversity and inclusion. She is specifically working on creating a global guide for inclusive language.

“When you work in a field like diversity and inclusion, you do kind of have low expectations because it is often just something big companies need to check off their lists. At Hydro, my expectations have really been exceeded, though. Everyone genuinely cares and diversity is a big topic in the workplace, even in the details and in ways that are unexpected. My opinion is clearly heard and valued here and I would love to work here in the future.”

Hydro's talented summer interns for 2022
60 talented summer interns will solve big and small tasks at Hydro's sites during 8 weeks this summer.

Håvard Eikeland Saastad, from Norway, studies finance and is working under Hydro Havrand’s Finance Director within the energy area. Håvard has known about Hydro since he was little and is excited to be working on a project regarding producing hydrogen using offshore wind power and the cost of switching from gas to hydrogen at plants.

“There’s a lot of exciting opportunities in a business area like Havrand because it’s so new, almost like a startup, but with more money and backing because it’s a part of Hydro. We have had so many opportunities to network with people from other fields, as well, and I even get to learn a lot just from working with my fellow intern in the department who has a completely different background than me. There’s a lot of good energy at Hydro.”

Yngvild Stormoen, from Norway, studies Indøk at UiA and has a bachelor’s degree in renewable energy. She is working within Hydro Rein on the Renewable Investment team.

“Amongst other things, I am currently working on collecting data for a market intelligence database within wind and solar projects. It’s a unique opportunity to see how a big firm like Hydro runs their business, get to dive into something specific in your field, and get to meet with clients, too. I can definitely see myself working here in the future – Hydro has a great social environment and is filled with open-minded people.”

Hydro accepts interns for all fields and positions and will be starting the search for next year’s great applicants in August 2022!

Want to know more? Learn about Hydro’s program for summer internship

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