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Materials for signs

The leading sign creator SignResource provides signage for companies to help promote awareness of their visual identity. Its key material is aluminium.

Wherever you drive in the United States, chances are you will see one of SignResource’s exterior signage products – at gas stations, banks like Wells Fargo and restaurants such as Burger King. The company has delivered 500,000 sign products for Shell Oil alone.

The California-based company is a full-service manufacturer of signage and identity solutions and the U.S. leader in LED applications for corporate identification programs. It has served national and regional clients from coast to coast since 1969.

Exterior signs made with aluminium extrusion

The company’s exterior signs are made with aluminium extrusions and hinged for easy access to service lighting fixtures. It has been using extrusions for nearly 25 years.

"We’re big in the petroleum industry, and when these companies visit us to carry out their audits, they look at everything – even down to the safety of the signs," says engineering director Mike Jimenez.

Rainwater is a factor, because the products today are more sophisticated in terms of electricity and lighting. Our extruded products meet and surpass UL certification."

stacks of signs ready for transport.

"Aluminium is our bread and butter. Design is easy and it makes the whole process faster. It is light, which saves in the cost of transportation, and the weight ratio to the wind load is more economical with extrusions. And it looks good." 

We want our signs to look good for a long time. That's why we use aluminium. We offer a five-year warranty, but I have seen some last 20 years.

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