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Meet Agostinha Humgria: Your voice matters

“All our values are equally important to me, and it’s the combination of the three that makes us unique,” says Agostinha, when asked which of Hydro’s values of Care, Courage and Collaboration mean the most to her.

Described as a Hydro ambassador at Mineração Paragominas in Brazil, Agostinha Humgria has a unique ability to translate and demonstrate the Hydro values both at work and in her local community.

Each year Hydro asks employees to nominate colleagues who go the extra mile for the annual Hydro People that Matter Award. The nominations are based on efforts that reflect Hydro’s values of Care, Courage and Collaboration in or outside the workplace.

Through her work as a volunteer, Agostinha dedicates her time and efforts to supporting solidarity, safety, and environmental issues. Diversity has a special place in her heart and Agostinha is known to speak on the subject with a clear voice. She is also an active participant in initiatives related to this important topic at Hydro.

Continue reading to learn more about Agostinha and what it is like to work at Hydro.

Can you describe what receiving this award means to you?

It’s exciting and wonderful! It’s a real dream and very special to know that I am a person who makes a difference and inspires people both at work and in my community.

You exemplify the Hydro values of Care, Courage and Collaboration beyond your daily work. What motivates you to go the extra mile?

Living our values through caring for people is important to me and I believe collaboration makes change easier. Having the courage to listen, having empathy for others, and treating people like people, no matter who they are. I think it’s important to listen and communicate, it’s through small actions and words in our everyday lives we can make a difference.

Which of Hydro’s values mean the most to you and why?

All our values are equally important to me, and it’s the combination of the three that makes us unique. We take care of people, the environment, processes and equipment. We have the courage to do the right thing, to innovate and invest in sustainability. We collaborate by actively listening, looking for ways to help each other, and generating engagement with our people and partners. We respect the individuality of all people to achieve success for everyone.

As a true ambassador for Hydro, what do you think makes our company a great place to work?

What makes our company great is how we prioritize safety, care and engagement, always respecting people’s individuality. Hydro creates an environment where leaders make a difference by placing confidence in their employees.

How would you describe our company culture?

We contribute to creating a more viable society through actions that bring positive change. One example is in our social actions, both through partnerships and through our employees’ volunteering hours. We use natural resources to create products and solutions in an innovative way to leave a legacy for society. What we do is not just about turning a profit, but making a difference in the lives of people and the environment.