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Hilde Merete Aasheim and Ankur Bakliwal

Stories by Hydro

Meet Ankur Bakliwal: A job where you matter

“All three of Hydro's values, Care, Courage, and Collaboration, hold a special place in my heart. They work hand in hand, supporting and strengthening one another,” says Ankur, when asked which of Hydro’s values of Care, Courage and Collaboration means the most to him.

Each year Hydro asks employees to nominate colleagues who go the extra mile for the annual Hydro People that Matter Award. The nominations are based on efforts that reflect Hydro’s values in or outside the workplace.

In an era where remote work has become the norm, the challenge of maintaining team collaboration and organizational culture has never been more pronounced. Amid this backdrop, Ankur Bakliwal, who works as a Service Delivery Manager in Digital and Cloud Services (DCS) at Global Business Services (GBS) India has been a beacon of connectivity.

Through his efforts in strengthening the bond within his team, but also their connection with the organization, Ankur demonstrates the Hydro values every day, and his efforts to building culture and team spirit have contributed to an all time low turnover in DCS India.

Continue reading to learn more about Ankur and what it is like to work at Hydro.

Can you describe what receiving this award means to you?

This means a lot to me. It’s very special for me to receive it being a member of GBS India. This honor inspires me to continue contributing meaningfully to society and reinforces the belief that every individual has the power to bring about positive change.

You exemplify the Hydro values beyond your daily work, what motivates you to go the extra mile?

Our company's values of Care, Courage and Collaboration are my driving force. Beyond mere words, they serve as a guiding compass for my actions. The sincere concern for others, the bravery to tackle challenges and a collaborative spirit motivates me to exceed expectations. I am committed to embodying these values not just in the workplace, but as a fundamental part of my lifestyle, contributing to a culture that goes beyond professional confines, creating a positive impact on the world.

Which of Hydro’s values mean the most to you and why?

All three of Hydro's values, Care, Courage, and Collaboration, hold a special place in my heart. They work hand in hand, supporting and strengthening one another. Care brings empathy, Courage drives me to tackle challenges head on and Collaboration builds collective strength. These values shape not just my professional path, but also resonate with my personal belief in making a positive impact on others and the world around me.

As a true ambassador for Hydro, what do you think makes this company a great place to work?

I feel proud to be part of this organization. I strongly feel that integration of our values, supported by robust leadership from management makes our company as an excellent workplace. It's more than just a job. It's about living values that matter personally and professionally. With strong support from our management and their effective leadership, we have a workplace that encourages and exemplifies caring for each other, facing challenges with courage, and working collaboratively. This creates a community where everyone feels valued, making Hydro not just a workplace, but a place where collective success thrives under thoughtful leadership.

How would you describe Hydro’s company culture?

Our company culture is a joyful picture that cheers for completing projects, achieving goals and celebrating daily wins. Beyond just events and awards, we come together for small gatherings, birthdays and festivals. This friendly and supportive atmosphere also reflects the vision and future plans set by the management, creating a dynamic environment where everyone's successes, big or small, are recognized and celebrated.

You recently visited Oslo with your fellow award recipients. Any key takeaways from your Oslo trip you’d like to share?

In a nutshell, it was a memorable experience filled with learning, enjoyable moments with fellow recipients and a renewed commitment to our shared values.

Being a part of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity.  Meeting our CEO, Hilde Merete Aasheim, was a dream come true and connecting with the other recipients and hearing their inspiring stories was a highlight of the trip.

The trip motivated me to continue living our values and creating a culture of shared success.