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Meet Lina: ‘Learn something new every day’

Lina Sjølseth, 26, finds challenges, new things to learn, and a ‘second family’ at Sunndal.


Øksendal, Norway, a small village 10 minutes away from Hydro Aluminum Sunndal.


Certificate in Chemistry and Process, Kristiansund Technical School.

Job and location

Flexible operator in the Transmission department at Hydro Sunndal. (Photo above by Ole Erik Loe)


I have a very varied working day. The department I work in, we work mostly with refractory maintenance. After my apprenticeship, I was also given the responsibility for updating and writing new SOPs (standard operating procedures) that I do occasionally on days that are not so busy. In addition, I am an Ambassador for Hydro Sunndal.

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I like the challenges managers and colleagues give me during a working day. I get a lot of responsibility and learn a lot. Since I started at Hydro almost 6-7 years ago, I have always felt well taken care of. We have a very good working environment in my department and those I work with are like a second family to me.

Not to brag, but we are actually the department where it is toughest physically to work, but which has the least sick leave. It says a bit about how much we like to talk and joke with our colleagues!


All in all, Hydro is a good employer that I have the impression is trying to improve and invest and take care of its employees. In my own department, we have challenges in recruiting new operators, which I think is a shame. We are a small but important department that has a lot of expertise in each of us. Even though we are a small department, I believe we are a great resource for Hydro Sunndal, and we prove time and time again that we deliver. I believe the improvements lie in recruiting new people in good enough time so that the level of competence does not fall. I was trained from an early age to listen to "the elderly" and there is probably something in that. The competence is there and for me it is important to continue this after they leave.


Entering a male-dominated profession can present challenges. I have adapted well socially and enjoy the gang I work with. Our department has an average age of 54 years, something I first saw as a challenge. But as I began to get to know them, I had never considered changing departments. I also do not feel that I am being discriminated against as a woman. I have a good situation, feel well taken care of and it is possible to make a joke to lift our spirits on a gray Monday :)


Since I started as an apprentice almost 5 years ago, a lot has happened. I have had one motto all the way and which I still have after I passed the exam and that is: Learn something new every day. I have not been afraid to take responsibility, although it sometimes winds up that I end up outside my own comfort zone, which gives me a huge feeling of mastery when I actually carry it out.

If I look at my self-confidence, I would say that it has increased a lot when it comes to professional knowledge. I have really put myself into my job and my tasks that have given me an increased understanding of how it all fits together. So now I have my own opinions on how things should be done and I am no longer hesitant to say them.

I am not only a flexible operator, but have also been given responsibility for updating and writing new SOPs, I have been asked to be an Ambassador for Hydro Sunndal and have been allowed to participate in courses. I have had the opportunity to on larger vehicles and challenge myself in personal development.

I do not think I would have been who I am today if I had not worked for Hydro. I'm tougher and know what I'm going to do now and what I want. I thank my colleagues who have challenged me and helped me to where I am today.


I have come to the point in life that house and home are most important to me. I love the free time I have and the shift arrangement I have at my workplace. When I'm at work, I want to maximize my skills and my own development during the time I'm at work, then have a good time at home with those I love the most.

Working in Hydro

Apply now! I did not know that I would end up with a permanent job and a job I really enjoy before Hydro put the opportunities in my hands. I do not regret a day! Hydro is not a company where you work and do the same thing every single day. If you show consideration, courage and cooperation, there are many opportunities for both professional and personal development. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

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