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Meet Ronja: ‘I have grown as a person’

Ronja Hammervold, 18, has learned a lot in just a few months as an apprentice in Hydro: “I like how opportunities have opened up during the period I have been here.”


Eidsvåg (Møre og Romsdal) in Norway.


Engineering Industrial Production and Chemistry Process.

Job and location

I work as an apprentice at Hydro Sunndal aluminium plant. (Photo above by Ole Erik Loe)


I work in the Relining department, where I do regular maintenance work such as feeding electrolysis cells. In addition, I am a Hydro Ambassador.

Ronja Hammervold (right) and Lina Sjølseth help recruit other young people in their role as Hydro Ambassadors for the Hydro Sunndal aluminium plant.


I like how the experience I have gained has made me grow as a person. I also like how opportunities have opened up during the period I have been here. I thought I was just going to be a regular apprentice, but I have become an Ambassador!


I have nothing I want to change.


Hydro is a very social workplace. I really like it here. There are lots of nice people. They will help you if you need it and take care of you.


I have learned a lot already in my time at Hydro. I have only been an apprentice since September 2020. I have developed in work and personally due to my job in hydro. I grow and learn something new with each passing day.


I want to work in Hydro for the rest of my life. I want to develop further in this profession, take further education and gain a lot of experience.

Working in Hydro

I would say that Hydro is a fantastic workplace. Both the people who work here and the work tasks are good. The tasks are very varied and you will never get bored!

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