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"Special will be the look of the building, the nice picture on the façade," says Eimantas Lenciauskas of Savoja UAB.

The investors wanted something special and inspiring. The builders had an idea and considered the possibilities with suppliers. The suppliers said yes and are delivering. And the building will be complete in early 2008.
"Everything is possible as the pictures show," says Mart Petermann, who is responsible for Hydro’s aluminium building systems operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Verslo Centras 1000 is a showcase project both for the metal builder, Savoja UAB, and for Hydro and its Wicona-brand building systems. The office building uses the brand’s high-tech aluminium facades for the Kaunas construction.

"When choosing materials for this building, there is no alternative – it should be aluminium. It is a 'green' material," says Lenciauskas.

Banking and financial services

Part of the building will be used for banking services and part for other financial services. The city of Kaunas, which is Lithuania's second-largest city, is experiencing a period with growing investment, and Petermann notes that more businesses are looking for office space.

"The wish of these investors was to build something that people would look at," he says. "In the competition for the project, we were able to explain the possibilities of Wicona in solving the challenges of the building.

"It is important to remember that the idea of the building changed many times."

Verslo Centras 1000 is using 35 tonnes of aluminium in the form of Wicona’s Wictec 50 SG facades. A Dutch supplier is delivering the special glass for the facades.

Hydro is Europe's preferred supplier of aluminium building systems, and delivers to scores of other countries around the globe. Its three international brands - Domal, Technal and Wicona - cover the range of system products.

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