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Hydro represents a great diversity in education, experience, gender, age and cultural background. Diversity is a substantial resource – not least in fostering innovation.

In 2015, 13.5 percent of apprentices at Grevenbroich were female. From February 1 next year, the number will increase to 15.5 percent.

One of female employees, Lena Krause, finished her apprenticeship (vocational training) 2-5 years ago and describes her experience as a woman at the plant with only positive words.

Lena Krause

“Of course, it is quite strange at the beginning to work in a male-dominated surrounding, but I can report only positive things. To work in such a profession you do not really need physical power as many think. You need competence, know-how and quick-wittedness. Finally, I would like to mention that you will find here everything you need to conduct a good vocational training,” says Krause.

Hydro values education and diversity in the workplace, and has developed several training programs aimed at recruiting women. A new program was launched in the spring of 2015 in which 15- to 16-year-olds accompanied a female employee for four days to get experience in various technical fields.

Vocational training for apprentices in Germany is a “dual system,” in which apprentices get on-the-job experience as a central part of their education. Students get both knowledge and experience by “learning by doing.”

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