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How Buzon benefited from Hydro EcoDesign

Buzon Pedestal International, a European company headquartered in Belgium, took advantage of the Hydro EcoDesign system to improve the aluminium gutter profiles used in their product package.

Architects and designers use Buzon’s products to raise terraces, pool decks and other similar building applications.

Buzon pavement support system of pillars and bars
Buzon Pedestal International utilized Hydro EcoDesign to improve the gutter profiles in its product package, used here for the Hammersmith project in London.


An innovative brand with sustainability in mind, Buzon already manufactures fully recyclable systems. Its operations are carbon-neutral. So why take an additional step and choose Hydro EcoDesign to improve its aluminium gutter profiles?

Laurent Buzon
“We have to innovate, we have to bring more quality, we have to be greener.” Laurent Buzon, CEO

“We have to innovate, we have to bring more quality, we have to be greener,” says company CEO Laurent Buzon. “We need to be sure that the terrace applications raised with our products will remain so for the total life of the building. As such, we need to be sure the materials are of the highest quality we need, including mechanical characteristics and resistance to weathering. And finally, we need to be sure our products can be easily recycled or re-used once the building or application reaches its end-of life.”

The framework of Hydro EcoDesign is based on procedures and requirements, to ensure the examination of every possible course in the search of rendering products as green as possible. Our community of specially trained colleagues takes the lead and bring their expertise in material selection, alloy performance, life cycle analysis, surface treatment and lightweighting – all to help our customers maximize their products and minimize environmental impact.

EcoDesign is a dedicated methodology that we developed in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency, an international innovation partner for environmentally friendly products, processes, buildings and urban districts.

Besides adding new features and functions to Buzon’s gutter profile, Hydro EcoDesign suggested:

  • Using the Hydro CIRCAL aluminium alloy, containing minimum 75% post-consumer scrap
  • Using Hydro’s local ASI-certified aluminium manufacturing site
  • Optimizing the weight and length of the aluminium profiles
  • Adding anti-slip protection, possibly with 3D branding
  • Integrating LED strips, thereby adding a safety feature on doorsteps
  • Increasing corrosion resistance with aluminium when used in pool environments
  • Optimizing fasteners and connections, for faster assembly and for increased security in public areas

“We were impressed by the ideation process in the Hydro EcoDesign concept and the preparation done by the Hydro team,” Buzon says. “This will allow us to trigger ideas and improvements for the future.”

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