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Jamal Colin Soosainather

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Meet Jamal: ‘Every opportunity to develop myself’

Jamal Colin Soosainather, 45, has been working on the important project to prepare for the Husnes aluminium plant re-start.


Born and raised in Flekkefjord, Norway.  


Master of Science in metallurgy from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Trondheim 

Job and location 

I have lived in Kvinnherad, the community where the Husnes aluminium plant is located, for 20 years. Today, I am the electrolysis representative in the “Owner’s team” for the project which has worked on restarting aluminum production at B Hall at Husneswhere the plant has been running at half capacity for more than 10 years. 


The job is to ensure that the needs of electrolysis in the project are taken care of. Part of the job is to facilitate and be the link between the operation and the project team. I am also responsible for the start-up team, mechanical completion and document transfer from project to operation (DFO) in the project. 


I have worked in the Husnes project for almost four years and have experienced a lot of new and exciting things in terms of how a large project is run. It has been very educational and the learning curve has been steep. 

Hydro Projects, which owns and facilitates the project, runs it in a professional manner that is very useful in many ways. 

At the same time, the operating organization, which I work for, has a lot to contribute with presence and ‘know-how’ on the aluminum plant's needs and how it is to be operated. 

This has been an integrated project where Hydro Husnes has contributed technical personnel to Projects’ organization. 

I believe this has contributed to Hydro Husnes having ownership of the project, that we have created solutions that are good for the entire project. 

At the same time, Projects has contributed their expertise and expertise to project experience, planning and project implementation. I think the collaboration with Projects has worked very well and we have had a mutual development in collaboration throughout the project. 

For my part, it has been very hectic throughout the project period and I have been kept involved from the very beginning after working with operations for 16 years. I have had to familiarize myself with mechanical and electrical issues that I as a process engineer have previously taken for granted. 


The biggest challenge has been to understand the process in such a large project. It was very difficult for us in operations to familiarize ourselves with all the documentation at an early stage while you were still a bit attached to your previous position. 

would have liked to have had more time in the early phase to familiarize myself with the documentation and know how important it is to describe the concept and design basis carefully. 


I really enjoy working at Hydro. You get a lot of freedom to do what you want and I have very good colleagues who help when needed. In addition, Hydro is a stable and secure employer. 


In Hydro I have had every opportunity to develop myself. Hydro Husnes was previously a separate incorporated entity – Sør-Norge Aluminum AS (Søral) – where you were given the freedom to test a lot and develop systems yourself. 

After we joined Hydro, we have a much larger network that gives us opportunities to draw on all the high competence that exists in the Hydro system. 


At the moment, it is difficult to imagine what will happen. There are many opportunities in the Hydro company, but since the family has settled down at Husnes, it seems that I envisage a further role at Hydro Husnes. 

Working in Hydro 

It is definitely worth investing in a career at Hydro. Hydro is sustainable and future-oriented and offers many opportunities no matter what background you have. 

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