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Meet Nora: ‘Steep learning curve with good support’

Nora Sunde Midttun, 29, who works in Finance, likes Hydro’s long tradition of continuous improvement. Here’s what she has to say.


Born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Master of Science, Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU.

Job and location

Head of Group Performance, Planning and Controlling in Oslo.


I am leading a team responsible for processes across Hydro related to financial planning, performance management, investment controlling and corporate controlling. My team is responsible for facilitating the business plan process for the business areas in Hydro.


I have had a steep learning curve since joining Hydro some years ago. What has been good is that I have been given much responsibility early on, but have still always felt I had good support from my leader. Another thing I like about working in Hydro is that it is an industrial company with a long tradition for continuously improving their operations to stay competitive in a global market. I find this performance culture very motivational.


I believe that a key success factor for Hydro is to be able to attract the best talent and develop the new generation of leaders.


There are so many nice and competent people working in Hydro, so I really enjoy the social aspect of the job. I especially enjoy being part of the Hydro Young Professionals network. It is a great set-up for socializing with people outside your own department who share many of the same interests and perspectives.


It has been a steep learning curve since I started and learning on the job. I have also been given exciting opportunities along the way that have challenged me and helped me grow professionally and personally.


What will be most important to me is to have a meaningful and challenging job, but at the same time with a certain work/life balance. I strive to work with tasks that I feel contribute positively to the society and opportunities for the next generation.


I would really recommend working in Hydro. I think it is a unique company with a long history, nice and competent people and an exciting way ahead to adapt to a dynamic market environment with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) high on the agenda.

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