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Beverage cans, old window frames and other bits of post-consumer aluminium have been piling up for decades. Reducing waste is a paramount challenge to us all. Recycling is one answer and – perhaps surprisingly – even greater use of aluminium is another.

Since remelting scrap aluminium uses just 5 percent of the energy needed to produce new metal, it is a viable answer to global challenges.

The environmental-friendly metal

Aluminium is a virtual energy bank. It is infinitely reusable no matter what form it takes and can be continually recycled without losing any of its properties.

Hydro began recycling and remelting its own plants’ scrap aluminium years ago and increasingly purchases post-consumed metal on the open market.

To ensure its remelt aluminium is of the highest primary quality, we developed and patented technology to eliminate impurities from scrap aluminium.

We presently produce and market more 3 million tonnes of primary-quality aluminium per year - about 750,000 tonnes of which is remelted metal.

Aluminium is increasingly used in automobiles, with up to 70 percent in today's vehicles coming from recycled metal. Hydro is a leading supplier of lightweight applications to the automotive industry in the fields of crash management, heat exchange tubing, power train and suspension parts.

Aluminium’s light weight cuts fuel consumption – and thereby emissions.  Light-weight vehicles also lessen wear and tear on roads.

Excellent protection for car passengers

Aluminium’s excellent impact-absorption properties protect passengers. French carmaker Renault already installs close to 2 million Hydro aluminium bumper beams per year in numerous models.

Hydro’s “crash boxes” - aluminium blocks installed between a car’s bumper beam and the body - absorb energy in collisions, minimizing damage to the vehicle’s body, the driver and passengers.

As more aluminium gets used in cars, more of the car gets recycled. And, the more automakers tackle aluminium manufacturing processes, the more they can improve a vehicle's quality, durability and safety.

So when your soda is down to the last drop, remember to toss the can into a recycling box. In this way you – and Hydro – are actually contributing to a more viable society.

Makes good sense, doesn’t it?

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