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As one of 25 partner companies, Hydro will mentor two participants over two years. The companies share a common notion with the organizing German Engineers Association VDI: that Germany and its companies are looking for promising, new engineers who master more than only technology.

At the recent kick-off event hosted by Hydro, the company presented to the 18 new participants its various aluminium operations. This included the fabrication of rolled products at the Grevenbroich plant. The group also received vouchers for their management workshops and training sessions.

Udo Litzenberger, Hydro's plant manager in Grevenbroich, advised the group to "always look beyond, show courage and do more than just the average."

Gerd Bruszauskas from the Technical University of Karlsruhe is one of the two participants who is being mentored by Hydro. "Many programs are more or less donating money," she says. "But in this program, we appreciate getting in touch with people in companies who are in management functions and who know how to build a career.

"Now I feel much closer to a future career – and more confident that I will make it."

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