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The Swedish company Robur Safe is one of Europe's leading suppliers of security products such as safes, deposit boxes and service boxes for banks and cash companies. The doors of Robur's safe deposit boxes are made of Hydro's aluminium extrusions, thus combining security and function with elegant design.

The doors for safe deposit boxes have been in Robur's range for many years. Although conventional boxes are often made of steel, Robur developed a design based on a hollow aluminium extrusion. This provides the opportunity for built-in functions, simpler assembly and elegant design.

Bo Blomdahl, the company's founder and managing director, says the extrusions are "functional, aesthetic and attractive, have a timeless design and give a solid and secure appearance."

New generation

Three years ago, Robur developed a new generation of aluminium doors for safe deposit boxes. The design was developed according to new security demands.

The extrusion in the new door has a high-quality brushed surface that looks like steel, but is better than steel from a maintenance point of view.

Since its beginning in the business, Robur has delivered over two million safe deposit boxes worldwide.

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