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Showing off aluminium foil’s role as a thoroughly convenient, environmentally conscious and innovative material for both today’s and future market needs was not difficult for the 26 entries to the Alufoil Trophy 2008. However, it was quite a challenge for the judges to reduce the list to come up with just seven winners.

The winners underline the versatility of alufoil across a range of applications – health and beauty, fish, hot drinks, pet food, anti-smoking aids, medical and industrial applications.

Explosive development

Hydro’s winning entry for ProTechT Solutions’ Certinite™, a passive explosion and fire protection system, proves how successful aluminium foil is across any number of market uses, the jury points out.

“This entry shows the amazing versatility of alufoil; it was fascinating to learn that heat can be drawn away from combustible material by honeycombed alufoil, said Arne Russ, head of the jury and purchasing director of confectionery specialist August Storck.

Certinite™ prevents explosions and reduces the risk of fire by up to 80% compared with a fuel tank without Certinite. It is manufactured using plain alufoil with characteristics that allow it to be stretched and formed on dedicated machines to produce a “net like” structure.

The resulting 50-80μ material is then shaped into rolls, cylinders, cubes and bricks by special roll machines or presses to create tailor-made solutions for different applications.

The mesh is designed to achieve optimaI flame resistance and minimal volume displacement when placed in gas or fuel tanks and “confined spaces” to prevent explosion and fire.

The European Aluminium Foil Association is the international body representing companies engaged in the rolling and rewinding of alufoil and in the manufacture of alufoil containers and of all kind of flexible packaging. It has more than 120 members companies in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

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