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“Amnesty International is an important ‘sparring partner’ for us, with whom we can discuss the dilemmas we face in a constructive way. The main goal for us with this agreement is that Amnesty can help us actively safeguard and promote human rights,” Brandtzæg says.

Under the agreement, Hydro contributes NOK 750,000 per year to the organization. Amnesty offers speakers and courses for Hydro employees in handling dilemmas related to human rights.

Increase awareness and competence

“Hydro’s intention is to raise awareness of and competence in the company regarding human rights. Through this agreement, Amnesty International has contributed training of our employees,” Brandtzæg says.

Beate Ekeløve-Slydal, political advisor for Amnesty International Norway, has had regular contact with Hydro. “In such a cooperation, it’s important for us to remain independent of the company, and that it isn’t a shield against critical inquiry," she says.

"Still, it’s very interesting for us to be able to meet with Hydro and discuss concrete challenges where we can give input on how the company handles these issues.”

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