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The thresholds in the river have been established from the bridge by "Eldres hus" to "Bjørn Myhre's plass." The photos above show the water surface in the river before and after the renovation of the watercourse.

Hikers at Rjukan can also enjoy two new walkways with a total distance of one kilometer, made by Hydro in the area close to the Måna watercourse. From one of the new picnic areas Hydro has established along the walkways close to the river, it is now possible to have lunch while enjoying the beautiful view of Måna.

Conditions for the fish have also improved after Hydro established a new brook with deeper water along the river.

In cooperation with the municipality of Tinn, Hydro has also cleared up in the river and slope along the Måna watercourse, making the landscape more open and giving justice to Hydro's beautiful premises at Rjukan.

The renovation work is a result of an agreement between Hydro and Tinn municipality from 2007, and Thorud strongly emphasizes how important the good cooperation with the municipality has been to the task of upgrading Måna and its surroundings.

"Together we have found good solutions for the Måna, both in terms of resource management and esthetics," says Thorud. 

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