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"WICONA is a technology leader in our field, and we have designed WICONA Finder to reflect this position also among new stakeholder groups," says Hydro's Philipp Müller.

The online tool offers informative and illustrated references of WICONA projects all over the world, providing visitors with interactive and intuitive functionality. The tool is easy to use, and fun to use.

Information about reference projects includes:

  • Construction principles of the building envelope
  • Construction details about the architecture and short story of the idea behind
  • Details about the property, architect and metal builder – and the product groups used
  • Photographs and other relevant illustrations
  • Information directly to the point via links to other online planning tools

The tool also has its own address:

Varied target groups

The interactivity of the online platform enables users to obtain reference information 24/7 globally and according to their specific requirements and interests, and even to place references themselves.

As an example, metal builders can call up material that documents performance on the basis of real properties, then present this information sooner to their own target groups. Construction principles and techniques can be explained – and illustrated – more quickly thus speeding up the early decision process during planning.

WICONA Finder also links to customer service modules such as WICTIP and an online database for specification texts where users can retrieve branded tender documents.

Eye-catching feature

Perhaps WICONA Finder's most eye-catching feature is the way the references are presented.

The references – the actual buildings – can be displayed as icons in an overview map, for instance, in a particular city. Users can choose the city, then watch the references emerge in three-dimensional fashion.

WICONA Finder is available in a first step in English and German. Three other language versions – French, Italian, Spanish – will be activated later this year.


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