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Depending on required quality and dimensions, lead times for uncoated strip and sheet currently stand at several months and, in some cases, extend to May 2011.

The increases for thicker standard strip and sheet will be relatively moderate. The price structure for thinner rolled products, however, will be adjusted to the higher utilization rates of the mill trains.

In the future, all products under 2 mm will be subject to additional charges on top of the basic price. These will amount to EUR 30-600 per tonne for strip and sheet ranging in thickness from 0.30 to 1.99 mm.

In addition, a levelling of local prices will be effected in the second quarter since several markets have seen relatively low price levels in the past few months, although these countries have experienced relatively good industrial development compared with the rest of Europe.

Hydro also expects a good market for aluminium rolled products in Europe in the second quarter 2011. Capacity for standard products will be kept high to meet this buoyant demand.

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