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"The campaign has exceeded our expectations and it's great to see so much effort spent on an environment initiative like this," says Yngvill Ofstad from IKEA Norway, project manager of the Tea Light Hunt.

"The number of participants is growing steadily. We now have over 23,000 pupils from 1,212 classes in all 19 counties in Norway participating," she says.

Important and relevant

Ofstad says that Hydro has been an important part of the whole campaign, contributing with its long experience and position in the market.

"The campaign's information elements about aluminium and recycling have been developed together with Hydro," says Ofstad.

"Tea Light Hunt raises important and topical issues and children are excellent ambassadors given their genuine interest in the environment and nature," she adds. Many teachers have confirmed that their pupils think it is an important and fun project.

These environmentally aware children have collected and registered almost 4.3 million used tea light cups, equal to about three tons of aluminium. Hydro supplies about 3,000 tons of aluminium annually from their rolling mill in Holmestrand to tea candle manufacturers in Europe. IKEA is one of their customers.

IKEA shares Hydro's environmental awareness and the focus on sustainable development is an important link in the cooperation between the two companies. Tea Light Hunt is an initiative to promote sustainable development.

Hope the trend continues

With two months left of the campaign, Hydro and IKEA hope that the fantastic effort will continue. The number of participants has increased steadily in recent weeks. Since it is now winter - the peak season for tea lights, IKEA hopes this trend will continue.

Remember that everyone, not just children and not just in Norway, can help. Anyone can collect tea light cups at home and deliver them to the municipal recycling centers or, if they have curbside pickup, add them to their other metal items.

For Hydro and the other Tea Light Hunt participants, it is important to spread the message that tea lights not only give light and heat, but they are also a valuable recycling resource.

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