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People make choices – they care about their family, their future, the planet. Our aluminium is made in a value chain from bauxite mining to finished aluminium in line with our values, to meet people’s expectations about the products they buy.

We do this by keeping control over our products in every step of the way. The entire value chain is in-house.

We start with renewable hydropower in Norway, which is the source of much of the electricity we use to produce aluminium.

We then add our unique melting technology to get more aluminium out of the energy we put in, and thus reducing climate change-related emissions.

By being a “360 degree” aluminium company, we are in a unique position to control and be responsible , for the we energy use and emissions in our processes.

And then, when the end products have lived their full life, the aluminium can be recycled over and over again – infinitely.

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