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The employees will leave in alternating groups, for periods of 10 days.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment was informed of the decision on March 15. It has also been communicated to the SindQuímicos – Sindicato dos Trabalhadores nas Indústrias Químicas and unions in Norway.

This measure, which is also initiated in Paragominas, aims to preserve jobs compared to the reduction of refinery operation by 50 percent since March 1. Any changes in the production sanctions will also change the vacation programme.

Hydro does not consider layoffs at the moment. “The company is using all possible legal and labor instruments to preserve all jobs,” says Douglas Ruozzi, Director of Human Resources.

On February 27, the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS) in the Brazilian state of Pará formally notified the Norwegian aluminium company Norsk Hydro ASA’s refinery Alunorte to cut the production of calcined alumina by 50 percent.

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