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From the Tom Dixon studio

Located in what was historically a coal distribution center, the new flagship houses a manufacturing workshop, labeled the Factory, furnished with aluminum furniture and interior decorations designed by Tom Dixon and delivered by Hydro.

The purpose of the workshop area is to encourage people to take part in the construction, fabrication and assembly of products made of materials such as aluminium and wood. As a collaborating partner, Hydro’s aluminium experts will host workshops at the factory, looking into aluminium as a material and how to design and produce more sustainable products. 

Tom Dixon

“Now that we have moved into our new HQ at Kings Cross, we felt an urgent desire to start making stuff again ourselves. We have dedicated a space – The Factory - which will serve as a pre-production small batch manufacturing workshop where ideas can be tested out and prototypes created,” says Tom Dixon, Creative Director of Tom Dixon Studio.

The new HQ is conceived as a hub for design, included selected partners, such as material producers and furniture brands.

Sustainability as the design brief

“We applaud Tom Dixon and his team for bringing together material experts, manufacturers and designers. Sustainable design starts on the drawing board, regardless of whether you design dinner tables or produce cars, and we believe this type of collaborations are the starting point for production for a more circular economy, says Hilde Kallevig, Head of Communication and Marketing in Hydro’s Extruded Solutions.  

Hydro and Tom Dixon Studio are collaborating on several creative projects, including developing the IKEA ‘Delaktig sofa’ that was launched in February.

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