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In terms of production output, most operations are back to normal or near normal levels. The cyber attack has, however, caused delays to certain administrative processes, including systems for reporting, billing and invoicing.

“The process to recover safely from this sophisticated attack is complex and time-consuming. We are making good progress, but it will take time to get fully back to normal IT operations,” says Hydro’s Chief Financial Officer, Eivind Kallevik.

“Throughout this difficult period, our suppliers, customers and business partners have shown a great deal of understanding and patience. For that, we are grateful, and I can ensure our partners that we are doing all we can to get back to normal as soon as possible,” says Kallevik.

Hydro’s primary objective remains to return to normal operations in a safe and secure manner, and limit any further impact on customers, suppliers and other partners.

Update on operational status in the business areas:

Energy: Production running as normal

Bauxite & Alumina: Production running as normal

Primary Metal: Production running as normal, with higher degree of manual operation

Rolled Products: Production running as normal, with higher degree of manual operation

Extruded Solutions: Close to normal operations but still a lot of workarounds and local variations from plant to plant. Production in the three business units Extrusion Europe, Extrusion North America and Precision Tubing currently running at an average output of around 90 percent. In the Building Systems unit operations are currently at around 75 percent.


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