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The School of Work and Production of Pará (ETTP) was built as a result of a Commitment Agreement (CA) signed between Hydro Alunorte and the government of Pará in 2018, and was carried out based on investments by Hydro. The work represented an investment of around BRL 25 million and generated approximately 250 temporary jobs in the area.

“This is a very important moment for Hydro and for all of us because together we are stronger," says John Thuestad, executive vice president of Hydro Bauxita & Alumina, during the opening ceremony of the school, which the community participated in.

The initiative aims to strengthen the professional technical training in the municipality, where the Hydro Alunorte refinery and the Albras aluminum factory are located. “The completion of this project is a unique moment for the municipality of Barcarena. It is another project Hydro is developing in the area, with the objective of collaborating and encouraging education to transform the lives of people and society,” says Anderson Baranov, senior vice president of external affairs of Hydro South America.

Hydro remains committed to making a relevant contribution to the sustainable development of neighboring communities. The education and qualification of local professionals are important pillars in this development. 

“The technical school is aligned with the region's sustainability ambitions by investing in the municipality's growth at all levels,” says Eduardo Figueiredo, director of sustainability and social impact at Hydro.


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