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“We are proud to have Henriette on our team and appreciate the great work, knowledge and dedication she brings to our company. We hope this can inspire women and their interest in technology. Cyber Security and IT are areas of great importance for the future, and we wish to see more women in our field of work, says Hans Petter Øya, Hydro’s Chief Information Officer. 

The award list is compiled by Abelia, the business association of Norwegian knowledge and technology based enterprises, and ODA, the Nordic region’s leading network for women in tech. 

“Being named on the top 50 list took me by surprise. Most of my daily work is classified and secret, as I work to find flaws within our own systems and repair them before criminals find them. With my military background, moving into a civilian company like Hydro has given me great responsibility and opportunities to build on my existing knowledge. I hope more women will join me in tech. This chapter only got started and certainly needs sharp heads, says Henriette Borgund, who came to Hydro in April last year. 

Since 2016, the share of women in tech has increased marginally by 2,2 percentage points, according to Statistics Norway (SSB). With this pace, Norway will not achieve full equality in tech for another 100 years or so, threatening Norway’s competitiveness.  

Norway’s Top 50 Women in Tech is meant to showcase talent and role models who can motivate women to choose tech-related careers, including people who are not typically recruited into these roles. 

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