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The Greener Sweden project was initiated by Hydro in 2022. It is an ambitious energy project divided into several phases. In the long run, the aim is to switch to 100 percent locally produced, renewable energy in Vetlanda, Sjunnen and Finspång. The end goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from the factories to zero, contributing to more viable, local communities around our production units. The plan is to reduce total electricity consumption and at the same time produce more renewable energy in-house.

“It is amazing to see that Greener Sweden is moving from idea to action. Passively watching as global climate change becomes increasingly apparent has never been an option for Hydro. We want to lead the way in tackling climate change and continue to manufacture aluminium profiles that make a positive difference for our customers and employees. That is the core of Greener Sweden,” says Jonas Bjuhr, Managing Director at Hydro Extrusions Sweden.

Solar panels, battery storage and energy efficiency

The first phase, executed by Hydro’s renewable energy company Hydro Rein, includes roof mounted and ground mounted solar panels and battery storage systems. This will supplement Hydro’s existing local hydropower plant in Sjunnen. The technical solution involves 2.2 MWp roof mounted solar cells, approximately 1.8 MWp ground mounted solar cells and two battery storage solutions with a total capacity of 4.5 MW.

The next phase of the project will take place after 2025, and may include wind power, hydrogen production and fuel switching to hydrogen produced from renewable energy. Hydro is also interested in onshore wind power and aims to identify a suitable location for its own wind farm, ensuring sufficient renewable electricity for Hydro’s factories in Sweden.

“Hydro Extrusion Sweden is leading the way with clear action. It means a lot that they manage to set long-term goals while also taking advantage of existing potential in energy efficiency and locally produced renewable energy. It does not only have an effect on the CO2 footprint of the factories, but shows the way for the entire industry. We need a mix of all energy solutions in order to reach our climate goals,” says Marianne Wergeland Jenssen, Head of Energy Solutions, Hydro Rein.


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