Aluminum goes to Hollywood part two

Join the Norwegian stars on their roadtrip in California.

January 29, 2017


The Norwegian stars aluminium and actor Kristofer Hivju (from Game of Thrones) are still cruising the streets of Hollywood, with their solid, timeless and iconic image. Watch the movie, follow them through the city of stars, and see how their presence gets reactions everywhere.

Fast growing metal

Aluminium is the fastest-growing metal in the world, and the new star has woven its way into people’s everyday life, and become an important ingredient for modern living and comfort. Look around and see for yourself. Aluminium is everywhere these days, and it is here to stay. A lightweight metal that is easily recycled, and with possibilities from here to eternity.

Hydro wanted to tell the world about their new star, and Kristofer was the perfect character to help get aluminium attention, with his superstar status and cool Norwegian image. The first movie was viewed more than 2.3 million times.

Hydro is one of the biggest aluminium companies in the world, and aluminium is among Norway’s top export goods. We are proud to present and export this Norwegian superstar which has the lowest carbon footprint yet. We think it’s time that people became aware of this wonder, and see the value it creates for the world and for Norway.

Curious about how the Norwegian stars are doing in Hollywood? Watch the film and follow them on our social media channels on the links below.





Updated: January 29, 2017