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The aluminium recycling plant features state-of-the-art technology for converting scrap metal into extrusion billet in sizes ranging from 7 to 14 inches in diameter. The plant includes a single casting line and two homogenization lines, with an annual production capacity exceeding 100,000 tonnes.

First plant in the US certified by DNV to produce Hydro CIRCAL®

In May 2022, Hydro Commerce was the company’s first plant in the U.S. certified to produce Hydro CIRCAL, a low-carbon recycled aluminium product containing at least 75% post-consumer, end of life scrap.

By adding capabilities to produce Hydro CIRCAL®, Hydro will be able to supply more automotive, transportation, and other extrusion ingot customers with certified low-carbon aluminum.

Leading producer of low-carbon recycled aluminum

Hydro is positioning itself to become the leading producer of low-carbon, recycled aluminum in North America. Recycling scrap aluminum requires only about 5 % of the energy used to produce primary aluminum, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Hydro’s unique production capabilities means the company can upcycle post-consumer scrap to produce a range of value-added products to demanding customers.

20 years of aluminum recycling in the U.S.

Hydro has been involved in recycling in the U.S. for several decades beginning with its plants in Henderson, Kentucky and Commerce, Texas. In April 2022, Hydro marked the next step forward on this path with the construction start of its state-of-the-art aluminium recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan. Production will commence in 2023 with approximately 70 employees. When ramped up to full production, the plant will produce 120,000 metric tonnes of recycled aluminum extrusion ingot per year.

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