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typical instagrap posts with image or text as image, with five lines of body text
The examples show Instagram posts where brand colors and typography have been used.

Profile picture

The blue Hydro logo on white must be used as the profile picture across all social media channels. Please note that this picture is circular on most sites, and you must therefore ensure that the entire logo is visible within a circular crop.

when placing Hydro logo in a circular mask, ensure it is not cropped

Header images

Many social platforms support header/banner images. When choosing these images, please ensure they are of good quality and in accordance with our brand image style. Only use images that fit naturally within the panoramic format of these headers without cropping out too much of the main subject.

two twitter profile header images. One with a person clearly visible from waist up, with products, one were a person who is only visible from elbows to nose.1. Suitable image. 2. Image not suitable for panoramic crop.