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Hydro has signed an agreement with the government of the state of Pará to make a second donation of BRL 5 million to extend its support for the construction and maintenance of new campaign hospitals in Belém, Soure, Redenção and Altamira.

The hospitals will have 240 new beds for treatment of Covid-19 as an emergency measure to combat the pandemic in the region.

Hydro has been acting on various fronts to help in the fight against the coronavirus in the municipalities where the company operates.

Strong commitment

"In addition to initiatives to protect our employees and contractors, we are joining the efforts to prevent and combat the virus, planning our actions through dialogue with local authorities and communities, supporting the main needs at this time," says John Thuestad, Executive Vice President for Bauxite & Alumina in Hydro.

The donation of BRL 5 million adds to BRL 5 million already donated by the company in support of initiatives to prevent and fight Covid-19 in Brazil. In total, initiatives of BRL 15 million have been implemented by Hydro in Brazil to fight Covid-19.

In April, Hydro signed an agreement with the government of Pará to donate BRL 5 million that is being used to install four campaign hospitals in the capital Belém and the cities of Marabá, Santarém and Breves, on the island of Marajó, representing 720 beds dedicated to the care of patients with Covid-19.

Water, food and medical equipment

Albras, a joint-venture company owned by Hydro and Nippon Amazon Aluminium Co., donated a building to the city of Barcarena in Pará.

In addition, on April 1 Hydro's Community Environmental Emergency Brigade began to provide awareness on actions to prevent and combat Covid-19, operating in nine communities in the municipality of Barcarena.

On March 22, Hydro made a commitment to supply mineral water to the shelter created at Mangueirão Stadium, aimed at people in social vulnerability.

Hospital de Campanha em Belém

More than 100,000 pieces of medical items and equipment and 25,000 food baskets, including hygiene products, were donated to the municipalities of Barcarena, Paragominas, Abaetetuba, Moju, Ipixuna do Pará, Tomé-Açu and Acará. This includes the purchase of masks, baskets, and all possible items from entrepreneurs in the region to also help the local economy.

Hydro has also made donations to the cities of Itu and Utinga, in São Paulo, and Tubarão, in Santa Catarina, where its Extruded Solutions operations are located, responsible for the manufacture of aluminum products for use in civil construction and in the automotive and industrial sectors. More than 500 basic food baskets, 4,600 hygiene kits and medical equipment have been donated.

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