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Developing smarter facades and high-rise buildings in aluminium

The worlds towns, cities and urban areas are growing taller in order to accommodate our growing global population. By building taller, we also need to build smarter.

Building in aluminium allows not only lighter, stronger and more efficient projects, but also the ability to develop new ways of working and products to meet every challenge.

Our Hydro Building System brands, Sapa, WICONA and Technal have a range of conventional curtain walling and façade systems made from aluminium but have also developed ‘unitized façade systems’ for modern architecture. These aluminium unitized façade systems allowing installation free from scaffolding and cradles.

Conventional aluminium façades or curtain walling is installed and manufactured ‘on-site’ using traditional installation methods. Unitised aluminium facades are comprised of panels that are manufactured and assembled ‘off-site’. These are then brought to the building location and installed on the buildings structure using cranes by workers located safely inside the building.

Hydro is proud to offer architects, specifiers, metal builders, fabricators and homeowners a range of innovative, reliable and aesthetically pleasing aluminium facade systems. Find out more about Hydro Building Systems here.

In addition to the Hydro building system brands, our extrusion plants are able to produce aluminium extrusions for your own building systems, building applications, cladding and roofing. Hydro extrudes building industry products for a large percentage of Europe’s aluminium building product brands in a range of different sizes and applications. Find out more about our aluminium building products here.

Why choose aluminium for building façades?

Curtain walling and façades made from aluminium are strong, durable and highly corrosion-resistant. Compared to alternative frame materials such as steel, aluminium products are lighter, more cost effective and more thermally efficient than it’s competitors.

Hydro façades and curtain walling can be specified in a range of finishes and treatments to make them extremely thermally efficient, desirable and virtually maintenance free in almost any environment.

Low carbon, 'Greener' aluminium for buildings

Hydro CIRCAL and Hydro REDUXA hangtags hanging on aluminium scrap


Hydro CIRCAL is our range of products made with recycled, post-consumer scrap. Using recycled aluminium, Hydro is able to drastically reduce energy use in the production phase while still being able to offer high-quality aluminium products.

Operating the most advanced aluminium sorting technology in the industry allows Hydro CIRCAL to provide some of the highest recycled content aluminium in the market. Currently we offer Hydro CIRCAL 75R that contains a minimum of 75% post-consumer scrap. The higher the recycled content, the lower the carbon footprint.

Find out more about Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium here.


Hydro REDUXA is our series of low-carbon aluminium. By using renewable energy sources like hydro power, Hydro REDUXA reduces the carbon footprint to 4kg CO2e per kg of aluminium (less than a fourth of the global average). The result is aluminium with one of the world’s lowest carbon footprints – maximizing sustainable opportunities for our customers in the construction industry.

Using renewable energy from water, wind and solar, Hydro can produce cleaner aluminium than ever before.

Find out more about how Hydro REDUXA aluminium could make your building projects more sustainable.

Contact Hydro to discuss the use of Aluminium in your construction projects
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