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Weight, safety and cost

The truck industry is facing challenges when designing components: weight reduction, safety and total cost. Aluminium can be used to greatly benefit applications on commercial vehicles.

Structural aluminium parts

Structural aluminium parts in the chassis and cabin of your trucks will give you improved safety and lower weight. In addition:

  • Exterior parts will have high class and corrosion-resistant surfaces
  • Interior parts give enhanced aesthetics and functionality
  • Powertrain applications are made safer and lighter

Class 8 commercial tractor trailers can improve fuel economy by as much as 5.5 % for every 10 % reduction in weight.

Heavy commercial vehicles

We provide aluminium components for all types of heavy commercial vehicles, including:

  • Cabin: Front under-run protection systems, roof racks, roof bars, instrument panel beams, door structures, bed frames and tables
  • Chassis: High-pressure air and hydraulic manifolds, brackets, trailer bows, side under-run protection beams
  • Powertrain: Fan rings, manifolds, fuel rails, oil pipes, housings
Contact our technical team to discuss how aluminium can bring your trucks into the future.
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