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The Hydro tagline “Industries that matter” captures what brings us together in terms of our values and ways of working. It both reflects who we are and what we do, and is not linked to a specific current service or offering. 

The ‘go-to-market’ brands are meant to showcase our two strong portfolios, the aluminium offering and the energy offering. The energy offering is under one business area and the aluminium offering under four business areas.

Although Hydro Bauxite & Alumina does not produce aluminium, its products are the starting point of the aluminium business and they should, together with Hydro Extrusions and Hydro Aluminium Metal, be considered part of the Hydro Aluminium umbrella. Hydro Energy is currently both a business area as well as a ‘go-to-market’ brand.

These brands will be useful when we go to market towards specific geographies or industries where we want to position our offerings, especially around either aluminium or energy.

How to use the ‘go-to-market’ logos

The ‘go-to-market’ logos may be used by the business area offering the relevant product related to the ‘go-to-market’ brand in the following formats: brochures, presentations, digital and printed ads, design manuals, fairs and conferences (unless it is a cross-business area conference, where energy-related products are also promoted. Then the Hydro tagline version should be used).

The ‘go-to-market’ logos should be used instead of the tagline version (and never together). This means it should not appear with the standard Hydro logo on the same page.

On communication material with more than one page, such as brochures, it should only be used on the last page and never on the cover. When used on one-page material, such as banners, posters and ads, it should appear as the only logo.

For employer branding purposes, we recommend to use the Hydro logo with the tagline “Industries that matter”.


The logo material is available in .eps and .png format.