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With the new P22 press, we offer outstanding service with short delivery times and fast production speed. The combination of first-class technology and our commitment to quality guarantees excellent products that meet the highest standards.

Neue Strangpresse in Rackwitz

More possibilities for you

The combination of sustainability, quality and efficiency guarantees excellent products that meet the highest standards. We can guarantee interesting profile geometries, complex products, wide alloy diversity and optimized service with a total of three extrusion lines at the site.

Neue Strangpresse in Rackwitz

More sustainable into the future

Together we can make your aluminum products more sustainable. Our will help you achieve your sustainability goals. With our Hydro Low-Carbon Aluminum, we reduce the carbon footprint of aluminum to a quarter of the global average. By using recycled aluminum, we drastically reduce energy consumption in the production phase while still offering high-quality aluminum.

Strangpresslinie in Rackwitz

Hydro Rackwitz as a full service supplier

We accompany you from the idea to the design and construction. Our customers benefit from customized solutions and technical advice from our experts. We are your contact for the further processing of your profiles and the perfect surface treatment for your application - directly at the Rackwitz site. This ensures maximum flexibility in the finishing of complex profiles.

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