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Precision-drawn profiles

You can use precision-drawn aluminium profiles in plate-and-bar heat exchangers for trucks, industrial applications, agricultural machines and wind turbines. Such heat exchangers are solid and robust, and popular due to the flexibility of the technology.

Precision drawn profiles
Precision-drawn aluminium profiles in plate-and-bar heat exchangers

Versatile all-aluminium plate-and-bar heat exchangers

Precision-drawn profiles, or spacer bars, are used in plate-and-bar heat exchangers. Such heat exchangers can be built entirely in aluminium. This versatile concept is typically used in heavy equipment, due to its ability to withstand relatively high wear and tear, and for its high corrosion resistance.

The aluminium spacer bar is extruded and drawn under carefully controlled conditions. We usually supply these parts in long lengths, in a temper that allows you to handle the parts without bending them. You then cut the parts into the length needed.

The technology offers this solution high degrees of flexibility, so that the heat exchanger can be fitted to the actual need, even in low volumes.

Aluminium plates as building blocks in the heat exchanger

The plates are used as building blocks in plate-and-bar heat exchangers. They are normally the final pieces added. Consequently, achieving the dimensional tolerances is critical, because any deviations from the nominal target will be multiplied by the number of profiles used in the application.

In typical plate-and-bar designs, you will adjust the length of the “block” to fit the depth of the heat exchanger, and adjust the “long bar” to the length.

Meeting your process and product specifications

When you choose precision-drawn profiles from Hydro, you are choosing a full-service supplier that offers you:

  • Designs tailored to your needs
  • Dimensions, tolerances and tempers that meet your specifications
  • Coiled and cut-to-length solutions
  • Process simulation
  • Technical support

Key features/advantages/selling points

  • High precision and tight tolerances
  • Tailored designs
  • Optimal alloy composition for vacuum and CAB brazing process
  • TS 16949 certification


  • Heat exchangers

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