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Customer service portal

With our extranet we give an advanced service to our customers buying the following products from Hydro.

Casthouse products

  • Extrusion ingots
  • Sheet ingots
  • Foundry alloys
  • Wire rod

Rolled products

  • Strip and sheet for litho
  • Strip and sheet for building
  • Foil for technical application
  • Strip and sheet for industrial application
  • Foil and strip for packaging


Our portal covers a wide range of customized and personalized services depending on the categories of our customers:

Orders and contracts

  • Contracts
  • Orders
  • Pricing
  • Invoices
  • Freight tracking
  • Certificates

Technical support

  • Technical specifications
  • Reports
  • Knowledge base
  • Tools

Commercial services

  • Risk management support
  • Market information

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New customers: Please navigate in our Products or Industries sections to find information for new customers.